What's up there?

24/04/2010 Photosets at your fingerprints!

I'm proud to announce you the addition of photosets support! Now you can share your photosets photos or browse your friends ones through the slideshow templates offered by Picsviewr. Hope you like it!

01/12/2009 Picsviewr, now ads free!

I've decided to remove all the ads on the templates making Picsviewr fresher and cleaner! I hope you enjoy Picsviewr a bit more now!.

06/06/2009 New template Poster!

Let me introduce Poster, a new awesome template. Besides, Picsviewr has been greatly improved over the past months. Tons of improvements to all the templates have been made.

Please report errors using the contact form. Have fun!

04/01/2009 New template Postcard viewer!

Picsviewr has been greatly improved during Christmas, especially for Internet Explorer users. I also added a new template, called Postcard viewer!


11/08/2008 New template photos stack !

A new template has been added. As you have probably guessed it creates a visual photo stack. Click on a photo to move it to the back of the stack and display the next one at the top. This template might take longer to load but once all your photos loaded it's a pleasure to interact with. It looks like this:

Feel free to send me an email to give your feedback!

More templates should be added in the next weeks so stay around!

12/03/2008 Picsviewr has been launched !

I'm pleased to announce the launch of Picsviewr! Picsviewr is a new way for visualizing photos. Flickr really rocks but has a lack to provide a good way of viewing the photos. That's the purpose of picsviewr.

It allows viewing Flickr photos with different slideshow templates. At this moment there are 7 templates available. Some of them are Flash-based other are a combination of XHTML/CSS and Javascript.

There are lots of planned features such as the addition of other templates and the ability to customize the templates.

So stay around!